Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some updates:

first, on running:
Well- fortunately, Jonathan and I have been keeping up with our rec center/work out goals. 
Unfortunately, about a a week ago, while running I felt a sharp pain in my ankle each time my foot hit the ground.
the next day it was my ankle+heel and achilles area.
the next day it was ankle+ achilles+ foot and shin.
the next day it was ankle+ achilles+ foot +shin+ knee
and by yesterday it was a straight knife like nerve pain from the tip of my toe to the base of my tail bone.
My entire right leg is out of order.
sad face.
(an avid and skilled runner as opposed to myself...)
suggested that my physical body was essentially not keeping up with my super-human, endorphin-driven motivation to get in shape.
Definitely likely, seeing as how my body has never been asked to do much of anything beyond getting me from point A to Point B. 
And now it's upset at me for making it run. Suck it up, body.
Cole suggested weight training which I will definitely be adding to the routine.
If anyone has any additional knowledge/suggestions/insights/encouragements- please post:)

Other updates:
3 weeks into my next to last semester of law school, and I'm feeling-
eh-ish about classes.
I think because I feel SOOO close to the end, I have the drive and energy needed to make it through, but none of my classes are very exciting. Particularly the one I am currently sitting in-
(yes, I am blogging in the middle of Conflict of Laws)
so, really, not much of an update in this department. 

In other news- 
A couple wonderful generous friends of ours recently gave us a gift that was an incredible, unexpected blessing. We are so so thankful for the people in our lives that live out the community that Christ call us to.
I'll don't want to announce their names to the entire blogosphere, but you know who you are:
I'm going to attempt to collect a few scattered notes from the remaining 45 minutes of this lecture.
PS- I've been gone so long, I'd love to hear updates from anyone else willing to share!!



  1. Good for you! I'm starting to run, too. But I'm SO sad about your right leg. Do you have good running shoes? I just bought a nice pair of Asics and they are soooo worth the money. I've only run once in them, and I can already tell the difference.

    Also -- I need to weight train, too. So if you find any good tips/ideas/routines/etc., please let me know. :)

    And finally? I miss youuu.

  2. Dear Chelsy, I've been a bad friend! I'm officially getting caught up, now that we're somewhat settled. I've just been wondering what's going on in your world, so here I am. :-)

    I've had a similar experience with the overworked/undertrained muscles for running. Your friend is so right. I figured this out when we lived in Mt. Lebanon & I tried to start hill training after barely running at all for the year we spent in Moçambique. I've been weight training again since the summer, so my running is much better now. (Being in flat ol' TX probably helps, too.) Anyway, press on and don't hurt yourself! Yay for your perseverance - with everything! (Even boring classes.)